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Reliable. Affordable. Beautiful.

At Tidewater Media, we believe beautiful design should be within everyone's reach. We take on every project as a personal challenge - one done with pride, attention to detail, and consideration for the prescribed budget. We tackle difficult timelines with ferocity, and we go the extra mile to guide you through every step of the design process - and beyond.

Our Philosophy

Born of Necessity

Tidewater Media was founded in 2017.

More information coming soon!

Our Story

A (Creative) Force To Be Reckoned With

Katie Cuppett Bringuier, founder and lead creative at Tidewater Media, has been doing “this kind of thing” for more than 20 years—surprising given she is only 31. At age 10, she designed her first school newsletter using archaic word processing tool Claris Works, illustrated with original works of art created in Kid Pix. At age 12, she designed her first website—a tribute site to her favorite Christmas present that year, a Furby—using Tripod and snippets of HTML code.


Always at the helm of innovation and always in search of the next best tool to simplify and streamline processes, Katie has come a long way since the days of Claris Works, Kid Pix, and Tripod. Nowadays, you can find her designing and creating using the industry-standard Adobe Creative Cloud software and tinkering with the latest emerging web design interfaces.


A stickler for efficiency and effectiveness, Katie’s work provides clients with optimum value. Her philosophy is “You get out what you put in.” Katie constantly challenges herself—and her clients—to take it to the next level. A strong and bold presence, uncompromising in integrity and quality, Katie’s personality is reflected in every project she takes on.

Katie Cuppett Bringuier
Founder, Tidewater Media
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